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In September 2014 1st edtion of the PAPIRUS newsletter has been elaborated. The first issue of the newsletter includes a thorough presentation of the project concept and will guide you through its main ideas.

You can here download the 1st edition of PAPIRUS newsletter >>>

This document compiles best practices in public procurements collecting examples and relevant initiatives carried out at national and International level. The information contained in this report will directly support other tasks on WP2, such as establishing dialogue with suppliers on the organization of markets events, networking activities, preparing the tendering process, setting the specifications and describing the evaluation criteria as well as other issues related to all the public procurement procedure.

The first section of the document presents a brief overview on what public procurement of innovation involves, and good practices related to innovation introduced in the new EU Directives published in February 2014 to promote Public Procurement of innovations. The new directive has not yet been implemented by the EU member states, so the directive herein will not apply directly to the procurement process performed as part of PAPIRUS. However, the new directive codifies best practice under the current regulations and therefore provides some guidelines for the current procurement process.

Collection of best practices includes different types of Public procurement, such as green procurement and sustainable procurement, which are conducted by means of “best value” rather than “purchase price only”. The document identifies the existing tools in relation to the PPI in the countries of the public bodies launching the tender. These tools are mostly guides or financing plans that help the development of the innovation through the public procurement.

Lesson learned from on-going European projects and National initiatives are listed in the report describing good practices regarding the process of the innovative procurement, legal aspects as well as dissemination activities, and new practices applied for innovative public procurement. This is the First version of the document, which means that it is a dynamic document. Therefore, this document will be updated with new good practices and lessons learned at any time of the project.

Read the report >>>

To reduce the existing knowledge gap on public procurement of innovation (PPI), the EU-funded Public Procurement of Innovation Platform project has launched a comprehensive guide. The guide, which is available online and in print, offers explanations of procedures, definitions and answers to common questions, a selection of case studies, and useful resources for further reading. Particular emphasis is placed on the latest EU procurement directives, as well as ways in which procurement procedures can facilitate greater innovation.

“In a time of decreasing public budgets, innovation can facilitate the delivery of vital infrastructure and services. It is of the utmost importance, therefore, that public procurers can effectively engage in PPI. This guide will empower procurers to create a more efficient, sustainable and modern Europe.” said Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission. The total value of public procurement in the EU is estimated at €2 trillion per year – or about 19 percent of European GDP.

The document will be of interest to procurers, policy makers, consultants, private companies and others who have a stake in successful PPI. "Europe has an enormous and overlooked opportunity to spur innovation using procurement. Moreover, public procurement of innovative products and services are vital for improving the quality and efficiency of public services at a time of budget constraints. Through this guide, public procurers will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to effectively engage in PPI.” said Mark Hidson, Deputy Regional Director of ICLEI Europe, and coordinator of the PPI Platform project.

More information as well as the Guide can be found on the ICLEI website>>>



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