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    Site name: Via Monte Ortigara Street in the Municipality of Rivalta 

    Building owner: ATC Torino

    City/Country: Turin/Italy





You can download detailed presentation of the building here>>>


Overview of case study

Demo building in Turin is a residential existing building that is going to be refurbished under Papirus Project frame.


The building is located at number 3 of Via Monte Ortigara Street in the Municipality of Rivalta (43,03N; 7,51E). Rivalta is a former industrial suburb of Turin. The site is mainly residential and the proximity to the rural realm gives to the neighbourhood a considerable added value.  The area is also provided with community services and public transport.


The building is a social housing block, and its use is residential. Operation conditions are the typical of dwellings.

Architectural characteristics

Construction is made up to three blocks. Each block has three storeys. The block on the right houses three dwellings per floor, while the other ones have only two dwellings per floor. On total the entire building houses 21 dwellings. The building is located at the centre of a site area measuring 3.235,61 m2. Each floor gross floor area is 581,13 m2 and the total building area is 2.283,39 m2 of which 540 m2 allocated to attic space. The site coverage is 17,96%. 

The building was constructed between 1986 and 1988 and it is affected by dampness and infiltrations due to the bad wear of the roof of the building, creating severe difficulties and discomfort to the residents.

The South elevation have shaded balconies and the internal distribution of the dwellings is organized with living areas facing to South, bathrooms to the North and bedrooms, where possible to East and West. The staircases are located north face to rear of the building.


North elevation. Turin pilot



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