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    Site name: Txabarri 33-35 street, SESTAO (residential)

    Building owner: SESTAO BERRI 2010

    City/Country: Sestao/Spain





You can download a detailed presentation of the building here>>>

Overview of case study

Case study in Sestao is considered as two demo buildings. Current existing buildings are going to be demolished in order to build in the site two new buildings in the frame of Papirus project.


Buildings sites are located at number 33 and 35 of Txabarri Street, in the Municipality of Sestao in North of Spain (43,3N; 2,99O) Nowadays the site is mainly residential. However previously it was an industrial area located in the lower part of Sestao. A special Plan of Refurbishment has been drafted in order to impulse the renovation of the area. According to this plan, recently many buildings have been renovated or demolished to build new constructions. 


Both buildings are social housing blocks, and their use is residential. Operation conditions are the typical of dwellings.

Architectural characteristics

Txabarri 33 will be a rectangular plan block with ground floor plus four storeys. It will house 8 dwelling. It will have three external facades and it will be adjacent to Txabarri 35.

Txabarri 35 will be also a rectangular block with four floors plus ground floor. It will have two external facades. It will also house 8 dwelling.



Demolished building in Txabarri 35


Tecnalia OSLO KOMMUNE  Landratsamt Enzkreis ATC TORINOgeticaa SESTAO BERRI 2010 SOCIEDAD ANONIMA ASM - Centrum Badań i Analiz Rynku Sp. z o.o.