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About the Project

The overall objective of the international PAPIRUS project is to promote, implement and validate innovative solutions enabling the European community to achieve sustainable construction. The project implies an introduction of a new public procurement process focused on providing materials characterized by near zero energy consumption for the repair and construction of buildings in four European locations.

The project involves representatives of the public sector, which accounts for a significant proportion of the total number of existing buildings in Europe. The public sector has become an important factor in stimulating and serving as a model for the transformation of the market towards more efficient products, buildings and services.

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About a hundred representatives of the public administration attended the seminar held the 8th of April in Bilbao on New Models of Public Procurement: Green Public Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovation, organized by TECNALIA, the Basque Government’s Department of Environment and Territorial Policy of, and Sestao Berri, in the framework of the PAPIRUS project.

The objective of this seminar was to present lessons learned from the PAPIRUS project in the implementation of the PAPIRUS tenders, as well as updates of the new European Directives on Green Public Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovation. The seminar included the presentation of the Spanish new Guide 2. 0 for Public Procurement of Innovation publish by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The institutional opening of the seminar was conducted by Ihobe’s General Director, the deputy minister of housing for the Basque Government and the Mayor of Sestao. It was stressed the importance of Public Procurement as a policy instrument to support sustainability and innovation, due to the key role of the Public Administration


Covadonga Solaguren (Deputy minister of housing. Basque Government), Javier Agirre (General Director. Ihobe) and Josu Bergara(Mayor of Sestao)

 The seminar dedicated to both legal and technical staff of the procurement and contracting areas of public entities started by explaining what Green Public Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovation are, and how they can be deployed.

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Gorane Ibarra (Ihobe), Luis Miralles (MiNECO) and Rafael F. Acevedo (Univ. de Vigo)

During the seminar, it was announced the construction of the PAPIRUS pilot case in Sestao will start in the coming weeks. The two new buildings at numbers 33 and 35 of the Txabarri Street in Sestao will host 18 social housing. These buildings will include innovative solutions to reduce the energy losses through the opaque envelope and to decrease solar gains in summer and energy losses in winter through windows, purchased through the PAPIRUS project tenders. Implementing these solution will result on a significantly reduction of the building energy consumption.

Tecnalia and Sestao Berri experts explained the PAPIRUS project and how was PPI implemented through the PAPIRUS project.


Rafael F. Acevedo (Univ. de Vigo), Olatz Nicolas (Tecnalia), Ana Gonzalez (Sestao Berri)


The PAPIRUS training Guide for public procurers on “How to implement Public Procurement of Innovation. Lessons learned from the PAPIRUS project” was presented and distributed among participants. Download the Spanish version.

Presentation from the meeting are available here >>>









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