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About the Project

The overall objective of the international PAPIRUS project is to promote, implement and validate innovative solutions enabling the European community to achieve sustainable construction. The project implies an introduction of a new public procurement process focused on providing materials characterized by near zero energy consumption for the repair and construction of buildings in four European locations.

The project involves representatives of the public sector, which accounts for a significant proportion of the total number of existing buildings in Europe. The public sector has become an important factor in stimulating and serving as a model for the transformation of the market towards more efficient products, buildings and services.

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PAPIRUS Consortium would like to thank all the bidders who submitted their offers within the project. 

Joint Cross Border Evaluation Team (JCBET) established for the project purposes will be evaluating submitted offers in Torino and Sestao on: 03.06 - 17.06.2015.

The JCBET for each tender will be composed of 7 members, 5 of whom with voice and vote rights (full rights), and 2 more with only voice right.

  • Members with full rights will be designated by each procuring entity of the PAPIRUS consortium, plus 1 member designated by TECNALIA. All of them must be experts in the different technologies to buy, and must be the same to participate in the JCBET of the four contracts.
  • Members with only voice right will be designated by each contracting entity. One of them must be a technical expert on the concrete pilot case and will give advise to the JCBET on the characteristics of the work in which the technologies to buy will be implemented. The other one must be a legal expert, able to give legal advice to the JCBET according with the national Law requirements, regarding the application of the award criteria, sufficient motivation and justification of the award proposal, confidentiality of information, etc. This last member will act as a secretary and will write the minutes of the JCBET meetings.

The main duty of the JCBET will be to assess the technical aspects of the offers submitted. The JCBET will rank the offers on the basis of the final motivated assessment and submit a report with the evaluation resulting from that ranking to the contracting entity.


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